Exhibition “Reality Warping!”

06 Apr


Start :06/04/2024
End :28/04/2024
The entrance :free
Organizer : Musée d'Histoire[s] Diekirch
Contact :

Musée d’Histoire[s] Diekirch
13, rue du Curé
L-9217 Diekirch

T.: +352 80 87 90 – 1
E.: info@mhsd.lu

In a mesmerizing collaboration, the artists come together to showcase their art, delving into the intriguing theme of “Reality Warping”. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the boundaries of perception, as the artists employ their unique styles to challenge conventional notions of reality. The convergence of Michel Kremer’s layered abstraction and Mélanie Humbert’s exploration of human relationships creates a captivating dialogue within the exhibition. “Reality Warping” beckons viewers to immerse themselves in a world where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, inviting contemplation and interpretation. As these two artists unfold their narratives on canvas, visitors are treated to an experience that transcends the ordinary, encouraging them to redefine their own understanding of the world around them.

The opening of the exhibition is on April 5th at 6.30 PM.