EXHIBITION “Ons zerschloen Dierfer”

16 Oct


Start :16/10/2021
End :31/12/2021
The entrance :Free
Organizer : Musée d’Histoire[s] Diekirch
Contact :

Musée d’Histoire[s] Diekirch
13, Rue du Curé
L-9217 Diekirch
T: +352 80 87 90 1

Although the fighting of the Second World War was over in Luxembourg, this did not mean the end of the state of war for the traumatised civilian population. Live ammunition, war material left behind, corpses and carcasses of dead animals left a picture of chaos and horror. Numerous inhabitants of the Grand Duchy remained cut off from their homes. Entire villages had been reduced to rubble along with the public infrastructure. The general supply situation was precarious, there was a lack of everything.

The Luxembourg government and the war-damaged inhabitants were faced with the colossal task of rebuilding half of the Grand Duchy. How to continue?